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A Note From Pastor Bob  " Preacher"
As a driver myself I found it very difficult to find a place to worship on Sundays or even midweek, during my prayer time the Lord spoke to me and lead me to start this unique Church that would meet the need of being able to hear the Word of God and to fellowship with other Christian drivers. During the past months CDL Drivers Church of Delivery has grown, every Sunday we have new people calling in to hear the word of God. I thank the Lord for providing this opportunity to preach his word to other believers as well as nonbelievers.  
It is my desire to be available for you anytime you need prayer, or have questions or just need to talk. I am here for you. It’s also my desire to bring you closer to our Lord in every message, in every prayer. And help you to see who he is and how much he loves you.  
CDL Drivers Church of Delivery is Full Gospel Fellowship and believes in the entire Bible and will provide you with the Word no watered down and not added to or taken away from. 
So call in on Sundays and hear the Word and be blessed of the Lord and worship with us.  
I thank you all for your support, your encouragement and most of all your love for our Lord .
God Bless 
Pastor Bob

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Life On The Road
Share with us your stories and Photos!

  Please send us your stories and photos of what life on the road means to you. I know from my experience there are many exciting things that go on day by day, so share with us as well.  Your brothers and sisters in the Lord are interested in all of you as Pastor Kim and I are also.  
   Well some great news everyone, since the last time I updated the web much has gone on. The Peterbilt we purchased broke down and was not reparable, God provide by introducing us to some other drivers while doing a stable run delivering wall panels to the boarder. after it was completed is when the peterbilt went down. the drivers I met one was the owner of a small company in Phoenix and also was a Christian company and they offered me a truck and a chance to work with a great company and great Christians and drivers as well. Its been two years now and its been awesome, we do shows and tours working with the entertainment industry and the chance to evangelize and preach in many places, God is so good and has blessed us.  
 So for now take it easy and be safe and may God Bless you.

Pastor Bob

Our New Goldwing with two of the Grand Kids!
Our New Goldwing with the Sidecar 
Our Wesley  "THE KID"
Todd And Wendy and course our Goldwing
David, Bill And Of Me..... 
And Cant Forget JOE!
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And Here is what I have been blessed with!